The core learning and working environment at the KRVIA are the studio spaces. Each student is provided with a dedicated work and storage space for the entire year. The spacious studios are structured to encourage interaction between students of different academic years. The studios are equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, projection facilities and display boards to put up student work.


The KRVIA Library has a growing collection of over six thousand books on architecture and arts from the world, covering their development through historical periods and philosophical values they embody. Also included in the library are the books on literature, cinema, photography, history and philosophy. The Library also subscribes to a number of journals and magazines.



                The Computer Lab provides the student with a digital environment to handle Computer aided design, 3D modeling, simulation which are used toward architectural representation; Environmental analysis of the building; Building information modeling aids; Geographical information system aids.

There are 5 servers and 80 pcs in the institute. Out of which 50.pcs and all the four servers are in the Computer laboratory. The configuration of the Computer ranges from  I-3,I-5 and I-7  with RAM ranging from 4 GB to 8 GB, as per the usage of the computer. The computer lab is also equipped with facilities like Printer Scanner, Essential Software such as Autodesk Building Suit Ultimate 2014, Design Builder, Rhino 4.0 Educational, Photoshop and Corel Draw etc. 

The server and nodes are protected by a proxy, along with Microworld EScan Antivirus & Spyware Toolkit Utility Software to ensure the security of the important data.

Student data is stored in their home directory allotted in the server and maintain the backup themselves in pen drive / CDs/External drives etc.

Internet Access is possible from all the  computers at all times through Wi-Fi wireless connectivity , There are routers placed strategically in the building in order to ensure range throughout the premises , Wireless network is secured by Sonicwall firewall which allows internet access to registered users only. It is also capable of blocking access to restricted sites

We have Internet lease line for 10 mbps of reliance communication / MTNL Broad band 1 MBPS as backup for the main line

Computer Lab Timing


The KRVIA has a mechanical workshop with machinery and tools to work with wood and metal. A separate Ceramics section has a kiln and a potters-wheel. Students are encouraged to use the workshop facilities to get a hands-on experience in working with different materials.


The Institute has a dedicated Stationery Shop equipped with drawing, drafting, writing, model-making equipment and computer stationery.


The canteen spills over the stilted area and the lawns of the college campus. It is a lively, interactive space for students as well as faculty.


There are facilities for Basketball, Table Tennis, Carrom, Volleyball, Badminton within the campus. In addition to these, the Institute also has access to a local playground that is shared with neighbouring educational institutes.


Reviews & juries of student work and displays of the Annual Exhibition are held in the triangular-area and the AV Room. The air-conditioned AV Room is also equipped with a projector and an AV-system for presentations and lectures. In addition, the Institute also has access to Upanagar Shikshan Mandal’s auditorium to conduct larger events.


The Materials Lab indexes and catalogues various fixtures and samples that can be accessed by students for research and study.


Alongside the annual lecture series, a public exhibition displaying the work of the students during the academic year is also held. Apart from this, intermittent exhibitions of students’ and the Institute’s work are put up throughout the year.

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KRVIA GeoServer is Online!
The KRVIA GeoServer is online and one can see some of the GIS work completed by our students in this section. It also contains some data created through KRVIA Design Cell projects.

USMs KRVIA-Postgraduate Department-Masters in Urban Conservation is proud to host the annual ICOMOS India National Scientific Conclave 2019. In a series of public lectures, panel discussions and student workshops, pan India Heritage experts shall interact and discuss issues related to current trends and risk to built heritage in the country.
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Krvia Masters Program faculty members Manoj Parmar and Dr Binti Singh were invited for a special lecture titled" Investigating and Theorizing the Urban" in Mutations 2019, annual public exhibition of the Masters program in urban Design, Pillai College of Architecture New Panvel, 4th October 2019
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