The KRVIA has a strong documentation and publication cell which creates a forum to discuss and debate issues regarding architecture. Articles are encouraged from both students and faculty. These publications have become ways in which the agenda of the school and its work is represented. The following publications are brought out each year:


Reflections is the Institutes annual publication. Each year the publication focuses on one chosen aspect of the Institute that varies from pedagogical concerns to that particular year’s study trip work of the students to various design studios of that year.


The Newsletter features student articles on ongoing workshops, their studios; study trips or an exchange they have participated in and showcases student work. It is published twice a year, at the end of each semester.

Design cell publications

The studies and research conducted by the design cell are published and archived in the library.

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KRVIA GeoServer is Online!
The KRVIA GeoServer is online and one can see some of the GIS work completed by our students in this section. It also contains some data created through KRVIA Design Cell projects.


The first leg of the KRVIA (M.Arch and B.Arch) + UBC EXCHANGE PROGRAM commences at the KRVIA today. The workshop shall encompass the study of work places of precincts, which are typologically classifiable. It also attempts to study the nature of the public realm and activity patterns along with history and heritage.... View Document

RESILIENCE APPROACH IN URBAN PARADIGM: KRVIA masters exhibition from 2nd to 4th December, 2019 based on sem I, II & III studio work as part of Breucom program.
.... View Document

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