Student Council

The student council consists of members of the student body, to perform various activities and also work as a team. There are 8 posts across classes and together they execute various college activities. This execution is done by involving the students and hand in hand, the council and students aim at enhancing student life, through organizing student events, creating vertical interaction between classes, etc. Another goal of the council is to bridge the divide between the faculty and students, thus creating a healthy college atmosphere in academic and other spheres.


President Karina Sanghvi 8097800420
Vice President Naitik Gala 8268512910
General Secretary Parth Mehta 9664788556
Admin Sahil Debra 9860238080
Graphics Head Yash Ghorecha 8850095625
Graphics Secretary Neil Bang 8888773147
Graphics Secretary Vatsal Waghela 8369717343
Archival Head Komal Agarwal 9830628219
Archival Secretary Aishna Niranjan  7083077875
Sports Head Bansi Shah  8779415933
Sports Secretary Nandika Shah 7571924534
Cultural Head Madhura Hardas 8411040692
Cultural Secretary Shyam Hajare 7420870799
Editorial Head Srusti Shah 8850339820
Editorial Secretory Sanyukta Bagrecha 7774021738
Editorial Secretary Tanya Nichwani 7058771220
Masters Representative Manish Sharma 9167071550
Social Media Representative Mishti Shah 9833161732
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KRVIA GeoServer is Online!
The KRVIA GeoServer is online and one can see some of the GIS work completed by our students in this section. It also contains some data created through KRVIA Design Cell projects.


The Registration Deadline poster for the BReUCom PDP is here!
USM's KRVIA, in collaboration with the BReUCom project (Building Resilient Urban Communities), co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union, is proud to host its first Professional Development Progr... View Document

KRVIA ENCOUNTERS: SOUMITRO GHOSH'' TALK TITLED "ARCHITECTURE AS STILL LIFE" UNFOLDED bits of surrounds of the practice and pick selected works as illustrative samples - looking at the works with as much and as little sureness. View Document

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