Subjects in the faculty of technology include the various systems that help complete a building as a usable space. The technology subjects concentrate on giving the students information on the various building systems. Parallel to this architectural material research vis-a-vis the market and practice is also encouraged.

We encourage students to be creative in the structural designing of buildings. We organize workshops taken by experts in the field of technology and conduct the regular technology studios, of Building Construction and Building Services to achieve this goal. Intuitive approaches to technology are encouraged in Building technology where students design and build life-size structures with materials like bamboo, wood, steel, etc. We have a workshop, fully equipped with modern tools for cutting, welding etc. to aid students in building the structures they design.

Studios like Working Drawings and Design Development teach students the language of construction drawing and resolution of architectural drawings. A number of new systems of structure and construction available in new and experimental practice are encouraged through focused workshops and interactions with experts.

Students are also introduced to areas of practice and trade through subjects like Specifications and Bill of Quantities.

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KRVIA GeoServer is Online!
The KRVIA GeoServer is online and one can see some of the GIS work completed by our students in this section. It also contains some data created through KRVIA Design Cell projects.

2 Exhibitions: Aga Khan Award For Architecture 2019 & Aga Khan Historic Cities Program

KRVIA will be hosting two Travelling International Exhibitions: Aga Khan Award For Architecture 2019 (AKAA) & Aga Khan Historic Cities Program (AKHCP) from 13th to 23rd January 2019 with the support of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.


Synergies: Exhibition of the Bihar Museum and Narratives of _Opolis

An exhibition titled “SYNERGIES" on the making of Bihar Museum and other projects by _Opolis was hosted by KRVIA from 3rd to 9th January 2020. Mr. Rahul Gore and Ms. Sonal Sancheti delivered an introductory lecture to the students and invited audience as part of the exhibition.

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