Encounters: Apurva Bahadur

Upper Bhor Ghat

Apurva Bahadur

Upper Bhor Ghat – a railway enthusiast’s perspective.
For the railways, Bhor ghat is the mountain pass that connects the lowlands of Konkan with the formidable heights of Deccan Plateau. Climbing nearly 660 meters in 27 kms, Bhor ghat line was one of the greatest feats of engineering, when constructed in the 1850s. The presentation will cover history, technology, features, quirks and train operations from a railway enthusiast’s point of view. This session display images and maps, supported by the speaker’s commentary, about an overview of the entire Bhor ghat, with specific details of the upper section between Lonavala to Monkey Hill. This is one of the 5 or 6 planned presentations that will describe railway operations through the Bhor ghat.

Apurva Bahadur
Trained as an electronics engineer, Apurva Bahadur currently offers specialized technical documentation services for the engineering domain. A dedicated Indian Railways enthusiast who carries a camera, Apurva has done extensive study of the railways around Pune, including the scenic route to Miraj, the Bhor ghat and the Konkan Railway. Apurva’s railway outings with fellow railway enthusiasts are a combination of travel, treks, hill climbing, photo sessions and documentation. Around 4,000+ of Apurva’s Indian Railway images are displayed on his Facebook pa