Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio


Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio

Manoj Parmar I Director

Housing in India has long been an economic driver, aspiring many individuals to move towards better housing that resonates social & economic wellbeing. When we discuss housing in the Indian context, one faces a complexity & multiplicity of issues that shapes the house and housing. Having said that, the housing policy and manifestation in contemporary times chooses to evade many such complexities through a uniform policy structure and creates a scenario of replicability and anywhere-ness.

The fourth-year housing studio attempted to address the housing studies coupled with an urban design approach to contextualize housing. The studio was explored in three stages: Study Tour to Aurangabad, Documentation of context, issue and sites and lastly the housing response. The sites chosen had different conditions in terms of social context, livelihood context and environmental context. The sites are: CIDCO N1 | CHIKALTHANA | GUNTHEWADI | GAUSHALA IN HISTORIC CORE | PANCHAKKI | CIDCO N6 | BALAJI NAGAR

With an extensive geographic coverage, the studio attempted to bring the discourse of housing as an anatomical structure of Architecture, Urbanism, Social & Environmental systems and Policy. In conclusion, the housing studio is an attempt to articulate the role of the state, the market and the type in the housing supply within the neo-liberal context