Ahana Sarkar , PhD

Assistant Professor


Her research interest lies in objective-orientated space planning to enhance human comfort and liveability while minimizing effects of externalities. She works on deriving at design solutions utilizing data-driven intelligence of built-environment while addressing sustainability goals. She uses both survey and sensor-based data-driven methods to provide built-environment solutions for better well-being and health as well as improved energy choices in low-income housing and other resource- constrained societies. Using the concepts of socio-architectural theories, her research outputs inform macro-to-micro level solutions that enable well-being, health, cohesiveness while curbing environmental risks.


She is an architect and urban planner, with a PhD on building sciences from Centre for Urban Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). She holds bachelor’s degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and a master’s degree in City Planning from IIT Kharagpur. During her PhD she has worked in projects funded by Rajasthan state government, Urban Development department of Maharashtra government, NGOs and international organizations like Japan Science and Technology (JST) and British Academy (UK). Before joining KRVIA, she was involved as an assistant professor in Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan. Her research works have been published in peer-reviewed international journals like Building and Environment, Land Use policy, Cities, Sustainable Cities and Society, Frontiers of Architectural Research, Area Development Policy, CTEP and others. She is also a contributing author to various books published by Routledge, and Springer. She has participated in reputed international conferences like IBPSA, SBE where her works have been recognized with best presentation and poster awards.


1. Recipient of University Gold Medal (B.Arch.) and alumni medals at Jadavpur University, 2015.
2. Recipient of 3rd position in International Travel Behaviour Modelling Workshop, Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo in 2018.
3. Best presentation award at Sustainable Built Environment conference 2019 at Tokyo, Japan.
4.Best poster award at International Conference of Urban Science and Engineering in 2020.
5. Co-authored 09 international peer-reviewed Scopus indexed journal articles.
6.Participated and presented in 16 international and national conferences.
7. Contributing author in books titled, ‘Smart Master Planning for Cities’, ‘Advances in Urban Design and Engineering’, ‘Advances in Urban Planning in Developing Nations’ etc.