Ankush Chandran

Assistant Professor


He is deeply interested in urban phenomena, digital urbanism and data-informed design. Much of his independent research has been an intersection of phenomenology, open-source mapping and digital profiling.

He has conducted workshops on Digital Mapping in Urban Studies at academic conventions and is actively engaged in Graphic & Publication Design, having designed several books and publications over the past years.


Ankush believes that design must necessarily be informed by objective research. In his academic courses, he encourages lateral thinking through cross-disciplinary inquiries.

He believes that structure, process and method form the foundation of any successful design endeavour.


Coordinated BReUCom-KRVIA Professional Development Programs, 2020

Organised an International Symposium on “Resilience Approach in Urban Paradigms", 2019

Outreach and Publication Design for “An Ecosystems Approach to Mitigating Urban Flooding - Case Study of an Urban Ward in Mumbai", Aga Khan Agency for Habitat India, 2019

Conducted a workshop on Digital Mapping and Representation, NASA India, 2019

DRONAH Research Grant, Digital Mapping of Local Histories, 2019

Chandni Chowk Redevelopment Project, 2016

Multi-modal Integration of Phase III Metro Stations, New Delhi - UTTIPEC, 2014

Critique of Cujira School Complex, Charles Correa Foundation, 2016-17

Heritage Signage for the city of Panaji, Charles Correa Foundation, 2016-17