Aradhana Paralikar

Assistant Professor


She is interested in spatialisation and representation of invisibles in an urban setting and discovering gaps between urban policy , governance and city data. Her research mainly involves delayering and mapping migrant communities, informal livelihood and settlements. She also enjoys telling stories through illustrations, doodles and comics.


She believes cities are built by people, communities and their footprints. Architectural and Urban studies are great medium to explore and help them evolve towards a better quality future.


- Urban researcher and Architect who has worked on spatial analysis and mapping of informal livelihood sectors in the city of Mumbai. - Worked as a Mapping Expert for Tacit Urban Research Network project at TISS, Mumbai. - Assisted a research on Covid-19 essential service mapping projects at TISS and published paper on “What mapping Mumbai’s Covid-19 relief work reveals about inequality in services and slow violence”. - Conducted lecture series at CUPG on “Delayering Informal Urbanism : Mapping new geography of Industries” - White paper presentation on mapping informalities at Big Data convection conference. - Assisted with designing of “Make - Break” exhibition on a digital platform using web development and Map-box tools for representation.