PDP 5: Heritage Resilience for Future Cities

Future cities ranging from Forest cities, net zero cities to smart hi-tech cities all are geared towards sustainability and seek to address the challenges of climate change. What about the historic cities? How does the discourse on resilience relate to the heritage and historic urban cores? Can heritage resilience contribute in the vision for future cities?
The United Nation sets its 2030 agenda of transforming the world through its 17 Sustainability development Goals (SDG’s). Does heritage feature explicitly or adequately in these goals?

Three engaging online sessions and a panel discussion as mentioned below on each days will respectively cover the theoretical frameworks and tools for Cultural Resilience.

On the third day, the participants will engage in an exercise of drafting a white paper for Cultural resilience of Urban Heritage in India within the SDG framework 2030 agenda.

Successful completion will be eligible for Certification.

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