Batch of 2021

The KRVIA will hold a virtual Convocation ceremony for the batch of 2021. 

Both our undergraduate and post- graduate students will be conferred at the virtual event to be hosted on Saturday, the 12th of February 2022. Faculty, staff and fellow students wish them all the best for their future endeavours. 

This year Rabindra Vasavda will be the Guest of Honour and will address the students on the virtual meet which can be joined by clicking here.

Livestream viewing will be available at our Facebook and YouTube pages


Rabindra Vasavada graduated in Architecture with a Degree in First Class from the M. S. University of Baroda, Baroda India in 1965. He had his post graduate studies in Architecture and Planning from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1974 as a National Scholar to DANIDA. As part of this scholarship he travelled in Europe, UK and Russia during his studies abroad. His area of interest also includes Lightweight Structures in Architecture and  as worked with Dr Frei Otto at his Institute of Lightweight Structures in Stuttgart, Germany. He has also been an assistant to Prof Louis I Kahn on his Indian Institute of Management Project at Ahmedabad from 1969 till 1973 and  later on various extensions at IIMA. He is involved in Architectural Practice, Research & Documentation and 
Academics since 1976.
He is one of the senior professionals in the field of architecture with an interest in heritage conservation. He started his teaching career as an Assistant Professor in School of Architecture, Ahmedabad in 1976. He continued on his position till 1986 and then became a visiting faculty till 1998. He was founder Professor and Head of the Post Graduate Programme in Conservation Studies at the CEPT University from 2007 to 2014. He has been a Senior research Fellow at the American Institute of Indian Studies – Centre for Archaeology in Varanasi in late 1980 for studies on Osiyan. Since mid-90 he has seen a Senior Research Fellow at the German Research Council’s Orissa Research Programme working on Traditions of Temple Building at Jagannatha Puri and Ranpur-a feudatory kingdom near Bhubaneswar in Orissa, 
Vasavada has been an Advisor to National Monuments Authority of the Ministry of Culture and more recently, World Resource Institute, Washington DC.