KRVIA Encounters

Nili Portugali

Film Screening followed by Q & A with Nili Portugali

“And the alley she whitewashed in light blue”

This film is opening a public discussion regarding central debates, challenging the general public at the 21st-century, as how to adopt a new worldview-a holistic/phenomenological and cross-cultural one that will transform the worldview underlying current thought and approaches to be an existential threat to the physical and human environment in which we live. That will create a more HUMAN environment in which man will feel at HOME.

What is the secret of all those timeless places (and artifacts) endowed with beauty and soul where one feels »at home«? And what is that one pure art of making« that creates them?
In any place, in any culture, and at any time.

Nili Portugali
Architecture / Film Director at NILI PORTUGALI, Architect A.A Dip (London).

Nili Portugali is a well-known practicing Architect; senior lecturer; Researcher, published author & film director.
Her multidisciplinary work both in practice and theory is closely connected to the holistic-phenomenological school of thought
She is 7th generation descendant of a family living in the holly ‘Kabbala’ city of Tsefat, Israel since the early 19th century
She was a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Haifa
She is a Guest lecturer at MIT, Harvard, Carleton University, Oxford University, TU Stuttgart; TU Dresden; TU Delft, Tsinghua China; Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Her first book: The Act of Creation and the Spirit of Place: A Holistic-Phenomenological Approach to Architecture / Edition Axel Menges Stuttgart / London, was listed in the books of the year selected by the Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A)