Escola Da Cidade: A Collective Construction

Carol Tonetti/ Maira Rios


The lecture presented Escola da Cidade, a bold and independent experience of university-level for the education of architecture in São Paulo, Brazil, focusing on its history and pedagogical structure developed by a multidisciplinary group of teachers, as a collaborative activity, oriented to social development. Escola da Cidade represents the materialization of the dream of a group of architects together with other professionals in order to train creative architects and urban planners, critics and citizens, with the ability to know their surrounding reality and contribute through the exercise of their profession by transforming the living condition of the cities. Its pedagogical project gains body in an articulated and consistent set of contents, actions and disciplines that create interdisciplinary learning experiences that are permeable to the outside world, and both practical and reflective in equal parts.

Carol Tonetti is an architect investigating intersections between artistic practice, architecture and the city, with repercussions in research and teaching. She has a PhD in Design, Space and Culture by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (2020) and is an associate professor at Escola da Cidade, since 2004, where she coordinates the Post-Graduation course “Architecture, Education and Society”. Since 2014 she has been part of “O grupo inteiro” a group that gathers different practices and repertoires in the fields of art, design, learning, architecture and technology. <><>

Maira Rios is the Collaborative Dean at Escola da Cidade since 2019, Maira Rios holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urbanism (2001) and a Master degree in Architecture Design (2013), both from the University of São Paulo. Since 2014, coordinates the Post-Graduation course “Architecture, education and society” at Escola da Cidade