KRVIA Encounters

Dr. Ketan Modh

Dr. Ketan Modh, (Lecturer, University of Malta, Malta) presented his talk “Data Privacy”on the 6th of January at 11:30 am (IST) as part of the Encounters at the Valecha Hall, KRVIA

Dr. Ketan Modh has a double doctorate in information policy and governance from the University of Malta and the University of Groningen. His research looks at how identity systems can be tailored to enable governance while simultaneously protecting human rights based on the specific society and goals for which the system is being implemented. He also examines individual attitudes towards such systems based on trust, cultural values and beliefs to better inform policymaking efforts. This work has led him to develop a systems theoretic approach to understanding national identification through the interdisciplinary perspectives of law, technology, trust and culture (through quantitative research).