KRVIA Encounters

Sanjiv Shah - Charles Correa Foundation

KRVIA Encounters

Encounters, KRVIA presents 4 films from the annual Nagari Film Competition, organised by the Charles Correa Foundation since 2020.

The Nagari Film Competition is an annual competition designed to guide and develop films that focus on urban issues, specific to Indian cities. Nagari intends to be a bioscope for the city, and through this lens we explore diverse conditions and engage with urban issues. Nagari is unique as it has been conceptualised as a guided exercise, with a panel of Mentors on board to help participants on their journey to creating a film.

These films can be made using different mediums, fictional and non-fictional narratives are both encouraged. The film can be live-action, animated, or a combination.

Sanjiv Shah will be curating the screening. He is a film editor, producer, and filmmaker engaged largely with documentaries dealing with social issues, and exploring forms of film. As a part of the exhibition The State of Housing (2018) in Mumbai, he directed a video looking at the housing crisis in India over the last 70 years.