Responding to a World in Crisis

Suhasini Ayer

“Responding to a world in crisis; the role of planning and design”. I want to discuss with this presentation, who are we designing for? what are the concerns of the society that engages an architect vs the concerns of the architects? Do architects have a responsibility beyond fulfilling the brief of the client; socioeconomic or environmental? If yes, do we have the leverage to act on this responsibility?
Suhasini Ayer – Guigan, Architect / Urban Planner; co-founder of the “Auroville Centre for Scientific Research (CSR)” Trust; a collaborative organisation with multiple agents and agencies working in the area of applied research in sustainable settlement planning, solar passive architecture, appropriate building materials and technologies, water and waste management and renewable energy.
She heads the “Auroville Design Consultants”, a planning and architectural design studio, primarily focused on planning, designing and implementing the applied research development projects within Auroville to field test the innovations and research carried by CSR and other organisations within Auroville.