Jos de Krieger

Jos de Krieger is one of the partners of Superuse and has been working on the reuse of materials for over 15 years. He was creative director for Festa and speaker at TedX in Christchurch (NZ) in 2016. Currently he is a research mentor for TU Delft graduate students at the Faculty of Architecture.
The international architecture collective Superuse considers design not as a linear, but circular process of use and re-use. It focuses on the latent properties of used materials and how these offer an added value to new products and buildings. Their work is based on the Blue Economy, a holistic view of nature, mankind and economy with the aim of no longer producing waste, but rather returning everything to the material cycle. For advocates of this principle, Superuse are currently transforming a former adventure pool in Rotterdam into the BlueCity circular hub, where they also work themselves.

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