KRVIA Encounters

Vishwa Shroff

Saurabh Mhatre

Thresholds: Design ⇌ Technology ⇌ Materiality

Transdisciplinary design involves combining knowledge, methods, and tools from various disciplines to create novel products, spaces, and processes. Its collaborative approach is extremely vital to solving
complex problems and gives rise to disruptive opportunities.

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Saurabh is a creative technologist and an architectural designer whose innovative work spans across various
domains, including architecture, product design, engineering, and material science.

Saurabh Mhatre is a senior research associate in the Material Processes and Systems Group
(MaP+S) and the Center for Green Buildings and Cities at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
He has worked on transdisciplinary projects dealing with the 3d printing of ceramic and concrete,
deployable mechanisms, smart materials, and folding robots in collaboration with Harvard School of
Engineering, Wyss Institute of Biological Engineering and the Autodesk Build Space.