Urbanisation of the Sea

Nancy Couling

Nancy Couling is a researching architect and Associate Professor of Projects and Planning at the Bergen School of Architecture. Inspired by frequently intangible, invisible yet critical large-scale urban phenomena, her research has been focused on the urbanisation of the sea. Following architectural studies in her native New Zealand, she was awarded a post-grad fellowship at IUAV, Venice and worked in international practices before co-founding her own interdisciplinary agency cet-0/01 in Berlin. In 2015 she gained her PhD at the EPFL, then a post-doc Marie Curie Fellowship at the TU Delft 2017-19 investigating urbanisation processes in the North Sea. She frequently lectures, exhibits and publishes– “The Urbanisation of the Sea: from concepts and analysis to design”, with Carola Hein (2020), is the latest book. In Bergen she runs the master design course “Explorations in Ocean Space”, investigating the North and Norwegian Seas through technical, artistic, ecological and performative spatial perspectives.