Enhancing Resilience of Historic Cores


Training Urban Design, Planning and Conservation professionals towards building resilience of native historic cores

Course Objectives

To sensitise students to the diverse factors affecting resilience of native historic cores,

To train participants to identify potentials and vulnerabilities of the historic core.

To encourage participants to develop intervention strategies for strengthening community resilience in the historic cores.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to appreciate the relationship between historic built urban scape and the community living & livelihood.

Students will be able to articulate their understanding of the place using perceptual drawings, diagrams and images, videos, annotations etc.

Students will be able to generate maps and infographics used for giving an overview of the of the historic core- its evolutionary timeline, present status and future trajectories.

Students will be able to identify issues affecting the vulnerability of the town and also the potential for developing resilience of the historic core.

Students will be able to apply principles of urban design and conservation for comprehension as well as proposing interventions within the historic core and drafting guidelines for the same.

Course Duration

15 weeks

Course Frequency

Every Year

Course Format

Lectures/ Field work/ Studio/ Workshops