George J. Jacob

Assistant Professor


I specialize in Urban Design, Architecture. I am interested in the study of indigenous communities, migration patterns, everyday urbanism and public life. I explore associational networks between region, people and objects and their constant shifts influencing built-forms.


I work with communities and believe that it takes collective action to build and create architecture and urban scenarios that is meaningful and conducive for living. This method is explored through my courses Building Technology, Allied Design, Architecture Design and Urban Design Studios, where the various stages and sessions are designed to create the space of incubation. The academic space learns from the lived and built realities to help further the research sphere.


1. UNESCO-Sahapedia 2018 Fellow
2. As part of KRVIA I was part of Rural Studio (Tongji University) 2017, Housing systems (TU Delft) 2017, KRVIA -University of British Columbia Exchange workshop 2017, Venice Biennale, Turning Tables 2016
3. As part of Design Cell at KRVIA I was part of Dharavi Redevelopment 2010, Cinemacity 2011, Mapping Privacy in Public Space: In association with BMW-Guggenheim Lab 2012
4. Papers presented at at the 10th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism 2017, The Entrepreneurial City, Erasmus Mundus, Cluster workshop at KRVIA 2014, at the National Conference: Geography of Change – Contemporary issues in Development and City 2012
5. Executed institutional, industrial and residential projects across the country as Consultant Architect and as Founder and Partner at ADRG