Ginella George

Assistant Professor


My research and academic explorations engages with historic areas and their relevance, functionality and transformation in present time. Through my work I constantly examine history and its engagement with heritage discourse with a focus on communities.


Every student has a different learning curve and interest. I try to ensure that the teaching content and process enables at least one takeaway for each student. In the classroom space I see my role as that of a guide and hope to urge students to go beyond basic outlined learning through visual material and discussions.


Independent Papers presented at the following conferences: History & Conservation: As if people matter, CEPT University; 2017 International Conference: i-Mumbai- Identity and Heritage on the fringes of a metropolis, 2016 Filling the gaps: World Heritage and the 20th century, ICOMOS conference, 2013 International conference: Spatial Questions - Banaras Hindu University, 2012 National Conference: Geography of Change – Contemporary issues in Development and City - August 2012 Workshops conducted: Indo Franco German Exchange; 2019 Aga Khan Trust for Culture; 2018 i-Mumbai ; 2016 Bhau Daji Lad Museum; 2017 West Heavens-Tongji University: SAME-SAME; 2013