Hussain Indorewala

Assistant Professor


Urban transformations leading to social inequalities, exclusions and creating unequal access to governmental schemes and services in urban areas has largely governed Sarah's area of research and perusal. Her academic interests are therefore concerned with: 1) Developing a keen understanding and analysis around issues pertaining to social identity and conflict and its interactions with civic practices through policy making and 2) Contributing to the dissemination of knowledge that would enable the working together of citizens and policy makers in evolving viable, feasible and sustainable measures which would in turn benefit urban spaces in ensuring long term economic development and political stability.


"Knowledge is the liberator from the empire of natural forces and destructive passions; without knowledge, the world of our hopes cannot be built. A generation educated in fearless freedom will have wider and bolder hopes than are possible to us, who still have to struggle with the superstitious fears that lie in wait for us below the level of consciousness. Not we, but the free men and women whom we shall create, must see the new world, first in their hopes, and then at last in the full splendour of reality." Bertrand Russell.


I am active in various social movements in Mumbai for housing rights, labour rights, sustainable mobility, environmental justice and participatory planning. I am a founder member of the Collective for Spatial Alternatives (CSA), an action research collective. I am also the co-convenor of the citizen's group Aamchi Mumbai Aamchi BEST, a citizen's forum for public transport, that has been advocating for reliable and affordable public transport in Mumbai