Imaging Crises & Resilience


The elective approaches issues of resilience through the examination of cultural artefacts, especially those emerging from moving image practices.

Course Objectives

Through diagnostic processes of contextualisation, systemic and formal analysis and narrativisation the cultural artefacts allow insight into our current presumptions and preoccupations, and help to examine the possibilities of understanding and projecting more resilient futures. The cultural artefacts chosen dwell upon particular objects (films, poetry, essays) that grapple with some of the environmental, social and economic anxieties of our contemporary world. They mirror some of the geographies reflected in the other electives that run in tandem.

Learning Outcomes

The intention of the course is to enable students with he ability to critically examine acts of representation. It will enable students to contextualise the work, study its structure and formal characteristics and examine its rhetoric for political and social significance. It would examine the role of the producer, the presumptions of who the audience is meant to be, and the tools deployed, along with a critical analysis of the potentials and pitfalls of the approach deployed.

Course Duration

10 weeks, 2 hrs (once) a week.

Course Frequency

Every Year

Course Format

Short-term Elective