KAA Update

Rajlakshmi Dubey

Working for Nature, amidst Nature in rural, peri-urban locations. I have operated on issues concerning with Groundwater management & conservation (Chhatarpur Khajuraho Jhansi belt-drought prone region, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh). I discovered and worked on various life threating challenges for accessing water in rural remote locations and conserving it to enhance ground water levels in this drought prone regions. Water cannot be conserved or managed in isolation hence along with it came the environment conservation and management practices that would enhance the livelihood of villagers who face survival threats otherwise, due to unavailability of water-food. Focusing on using renewable sources of energy- Solar energy (casespecific) for making water available on surface.
Climate change has aggravated the already vulnerable situation of these people, hence carbon sequestration, nature based solutions to combat the situation was worked on.

– Progarm Officer, Haritika; MP(Oct 20- Feb 22)

My work area made me explore the vastness and at the same time perilousness of climate change impacts on Urban, Peri-urban & rural environments. Currently, as a Programme Manager at Aga Khan agency for Habitat, India; I am designing a model for community-based action plan to be incorporated at 5 sites across Gujarat, Mumbai & Telangana, analyzing the respective Habitatas to how Climate change along with their specific vulnerabilities and manmade activities(development) has impacted the environment and human life.
I am also working on nature based solutions for enhancing lives of rural people and environment ofGir Sassan under Integrated Rural Habitat Development Project.
– Programme Manager, AKAHI, Mumbai (2022-present)
Graduating from KRVIA – M.Arch_Architectural & Urban conservation helped me broaden my mind to learn about Urbanization, Impacts on People and the Environment. The learnings were direct from site to establish lived experience with the impacts of current happenings-Development/ Climate Change/ peoples’ responses. This provided a good base to think practically about the solutions that could be implemented to better the situation.


Rajlakshmi Dubey