KAA Update

Anubhav Borgohain

KRVIA Urban Design Alumnus, Anubhav Borgohain’s latest article with Urban Design Lab explores the metaverse and how it will change the notion of public spaces which is currently applied to the real world. 

The article also talks about the growing need for studies around the concern of how people will shift into the network of interconnected virtual worlds existing under the umbrella methodology of “metaverse”



With the growing telecommuting trend, more people rely on virtual spaces and digital modes of communication like video and web conferencing to socialize and interact online. Metaverse is a methodology of using the virtual and digital to enable a range of real-world-like capabilities to users in a 3-D immersive world. This is imagined to be accompanied by the creation of new social behaviors which will affect the workings of spaces in the real-world, especially social spaces.

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