KAA Update

Smita Babar

Smita Babar, KRVIA UC Alumna’s paper focuses on cultural mapping in relation to the tangible and intangible heritage in historic cities in India and argues that economic valuation of cultural resources along with cultural mapping is an efficient tool to strengthen the decision-making processes related to urban conservation and urban planning in historic cities. The paper specifically discusses creative economy, sustainability and sense of place in the context of the historic city of Kolhapur because of its rich cultural heritage and historic significance. The issues and challenges in the process are also discussed. The historic city of Kolhapur is taken as an example to represent mainly the tier II cities in India as a part of the study because the condition of all of these cities is more or less similar in terms of loss of character in their historic core areas.

To learn more about this work and download the paper presented in the #CultureForAll Conference on Cultural Mapping 2021, visit https://www.sahapedia.org/conferences

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