Karan Rane

Assistant Professor


Neoliberalism and urbanization (particularly focusing on tier-II cities of India), various discourses around gated communities, and urbanization trends in South and South-East Asian cities.


Focused largely on inter-disciplinary urban studies, he has dealt with the broad subject of neoliberalism and urbanization for over four years, beginning with his M.Arch. thesis (Neoliberal Ahmedabad), through his independent research projects as part of his M.Phil. at CEPT, and into his dissertation project on gated communities in tier-II cities of India. He has previously taught courses on academic writing, communications, history of architecture, and assisted in M.Arch. studios for Architectural History and Theory at CEPT.


He was a runner-up in his batch for his undergraduate thesis on Multi-modal transit interchange in Ahmedabad. He has briefly worked on the BRTS project in Amritsar. His M.Arch. thesis has been cited in published papers. He is also a filmmaker, and he has made short films dealing with questions around urbanization in Indian cities.