Kimaya Keluskar

Assistant Professor


Specialisation: Sustainability and Energy Analyst Interests: Climate Change, Energy Efficient Building Systems, Water Ecologies and Environment, Occupant Health and Well-being


Kimaya Keluskar holds a B-arch degree in Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai, 2006. Her MSc thesis has been published in Consultation on School Carbon Management plan, UCL Evidence prepared for CIBSE, 2009. She has been teaching in KRVIA since 2010. She has jointly coordinated projects for KRVIA Design Cell in collaboration with BMW Guggenheim LAB, Lafarge Holcim Foundation, and World Resource Institute. Her recent work on ‘Mapping livability within lower income housing typologies in the city of Mumbai’ is part of an ERAMUS funded project called BINUCOM. She is a founding member of “Water Environs, a social purpose professional services enterprise for rivers and water environment conservation. She is also practice at EdEn (Educated Environment) working on Holistic Sustainability Initiative projects, building community awareness programs along with landscape and ecology design.


1. Idyllworld Sustainable Farm at Pirangut, Botarwadi
2. Sustainable Eco-tourism Master plan for Garhmukteshwar & Brijghat and 08 eco sensitive sites in Tamilnadu, Karnataka.
3. Expert Visit: Exchange on Social City-making in Asia and Germany
4. ERASAMUS fund +: BINUCOM (Building Inclusive Urban Communities). Association with KREMS University, Austria. Research topic: Mapping Livability for lower income housing typologies in the city of Mumbai
5. Neighbourhood Mobility Improvement study in Mumbai – Funded by World Resource Institute (WRI), A Design Cell project
6. ‘Riverse’ nurturing water ecologies and urban rivers restoration and rejuvenation project
7. Habitat management and rural development programs at Shillong in collaboration with NESFAS