Visual Diary – 2010

KRVIA Research and Design Cell

Project Cinema City emerged from KRVIA’s commitment to multidisciplinarity. This project involved filmmakers, film theorists, artists, architects etc. The project aimed at understanding the relationship between cinema and the city, where cinema is produced and consumed, as well as the way the city is represented in Indian cinema. The project documented the way in which the film industry operates within the city of Mumbai, both in its formal and informal spaces of pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, display, archiving and recycling.

KRVIA Encounters

Architecture of Santiniketan and Tagore by Samit Das, Citizenship from the margins by Flavia Agnes and others

KRVIA Guest Lectures

J. Drew Giblin, Vice Consul with the United States Consulate General, Mumbai and a public diplomacy officer in the U.S. Foreign service, was invited for a guest lecture.

KRMLS Perspectives on Housing

Perspectives on housing workshop was held with a focus on Nalasopara as a site, in association with Netherland Institute of Architecture. This was followed by the KRMLS titled Exploring living space: Perspectives on housing.