Visual Diary – 2006

KRVIA Exhibition
Makeshift Mumbai – Readings, Imaginations, Propositions – An Archive of KRVIA’s work on the City, was an exhibition held at the Coomaraswamy Hall. 

The exhibition showcased the work of KRVIA on the city of Mumbai and framed a case for initiating the Masters Courses at the KRVIA.

KRVIA Design and Research Cell
Urban Renewal: A study of four precincts in Mumbai
The KRVIA Research and Design Cell in collaboration with the S.N.D.T University conducted a careful analysis of four precincts of Mumbai for their potential of redevelopment.

The process of critiquing the redevelopment plans of Dharavi began in 2006 in association with the NGO – SPARC. The outcome and the process that was followed was documented in the form of the Re-Dharavi book that was released in 2010

KRVIA Exchange Program
Urban Flashes – Exchange Program
The KRVIA initiated a new pedagogic interest in architecture and urbanism of the Asian context through the exchange program titled Urban Flashes. During this event architects from various countries like Korea and Taiwan participated in experiments in micro-urbanism on different sites around the city of Mumbai. Later this led to an exchange program with the Tunghai University in Taiwan.

KRVIA Guest Lecture
Geographer Edward Soja was invited for a special lecture at the KRVIA

KRMLS: Micro-Urbanism
KRMLS explored various realms of micro-urbanity that exist within the apparent myth of the city.