Visual Diary – 2004

KRVIA Director Appointment

Aneerudha Paul was appointed as the new Director of KRVIA in 2004. 

He has attempted to evolve a theory that conceives architecture as a cultural practice. It is a part of a larger manifestation of similar or allied practices that require simultaneous historical exploration to reveal the impulses for their creation. Thus, the teaching technique is informed by a multidisciplinary approach that allows for the creation of new knowledge for the architectural discipline.

KRVIA Guest Lecture

Daniel Libeskind presented his work and the 9/11 Building proposal during the KRMLS lecture series.

KRVIA Research and Design Cell

Revitalization of Juhu market

Vision Juhu was a research project that led to a plan for the betterment of Juhu Market. The project was done in collaboration with the organisation ‘Juhu Together’.


The design cell was also commissioned by the Aga Khan Trust to look at three housing projects in Mumbai, Pune and Vapi at various levels: City, locality, master plan, building and unit.

KRMLS – Architectural/ structural restoration of historical constructions

Guest speakers included Daniel Libeskind, Gurmeet Rai / Sudhir Deshpande