Visual Diary – 2002

KRVIA Awards

Charles Correa Gold Medal Award

The first Charles Correa Gold medal winner at KRVIA was awarded to Dushyant Desai for his thesis, A Case of Benevolent Violence

KRVIA Research and Design Cell

KRVIA took a strategic turn towards seeing the city as a laboratory from where much of the learning could be gleaned and where many of the studio’s could be located. The Dharavi Studio was one such early experiment. The students looked at the prevailing working and living conditions of the inhabitants and formulated design ideas that catered to their needs. In the next semester they designed institutions that supported the livelihoods of the people

Measure drawings play a critical role not just as a pedagogic tool but also form a critical mode through which KRVIA engages with the city.  St Thomas Cathedral was measure drawn by the KRIVA Design Cell in association with The Design Collaborative.

KRMLS – Conceptualising Third world cities

This was the maiden lecture series at KRVIA. The event consisted of workshops, exhibitions and series of lecture which would later be called the Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series (KRMLS)