Visual Diary – 2018

2018, the focus was on the relationship between architecture and technology 

KRVIA Workshop

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture – Education Programme. The workshop was based on multimedia as a new frontier that presents the potential to explore ways in ways in which it could be used as a mode of inquiry to engage conservation practice on Mumbai’s urban frontiers and as a storytelling tool to provoke public dialogue.

KRVIA Encounters

Architect Jimmy Lim presented his work at KRVIA as part of Encounters


Architect Rachel Lee presented her work at KRVIA as part of Encounters


The theme for KRMLS 2018 was to look at the relationship between architecture and technology in the contemporary context. It was titled “Discourse on Technology.” As a part of the KRMLS the school organized an exhibition, a series of workshops and a conference/ panel discussion.


The key note of this conference was delivered by Prof.  Dhruv Raina – leading philosopher and historian of science from the Jawaharlal Nehru University