Visual Diary – 2000

KRVIA Research and Design Cell

Design cell – Century city Project

Century City Project: KRVIA was invited by Geeta Kapur and Ashish Rajadhyaksha at the exhibition held at the Tate Gallery London titled ‘Century City – Art and Culture in the Metropolis’, with the intention to explore the role of the city in twentieth century art and focused on nine cities from different parts of the world

KRVIA Exhibition

Works of GB Mhatre

The exhibition was titled ‘Buildings that Shaped Bombay’ and was inaugurated by A.P. Kanvinde. It showcased the works of G.B. Mhatre across the city of Bombay.


KRVIA initiated the Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series – KRMLS was an annual event articulated around various pertinent themes. The first series was titled Modernism and Further Interrogation. 

KRMLS focused on discussing the state of architectural education in India.