Visual Diary – 1997

KRVIA Exhibitions -4 x 4 exhibition
4X4 looked at works of four architects from four cities around the country. This tripartite program contained an exhibition of the participants’ drawings and models


The architects were Gautam Bhatia, Neelkanth Chhaya, Rahul Mehrotra and Jaimini Mehta who represented a group of young architects who were involved simultaneously in architectural practice, teaching, writing. Working on extremely complex projects and winning awards is a common trait of this dynamic face of Indian architecture – Sen Kapadia

KRVIA Director Appointment
Prof. Trilochan Chhaya was appointed as the new Director of KRVIA. This period saw a shift of aesthetic-based pedagogy to context-based inquiry. Architecture was seen as a product of contextual expression and object of naïve urbanism. The architecture was seen as an artifact of the urban place. KRVIA also witnessed the de-centralization of academics with respect to the academic decision-making process. This phase enabled the consolidation of subject expertise and concentration of discipline inquiry. (

KRVIA Reflections – First Reflections
1997 marked the first graduating batch for KRVIA. As part of the celebrations, KRVIA released the first issue of the Reflections. The journal aimed to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion across architecture, cinema, the visual and performing arts.

KRVIA Encounters
Eminent speakers were invited to present their work as part of the Encounters.