Visual Diary – 1996

KRVIA Seminar
First Seminar on Architectural Education: KRVIA conducted a seminar on Architectural Education inviting some of the most critical minds from India.

KRVIA Exhibition
An exhibition of the works of architect B.V.Doshi was organised at the institute.

KRVIA Introductory Workshop
KRVIA initiated the first year introductory workshop with the intention of bringing a clear focus on making with material as a critical engagement with architecture. The workshop has continued to be a seminal pedagogic tool that galvanises the abilities of students to work as groups and larger collectives; something that is essential for an architect and is generally missing from high school education

KRVIA Encounters and Guest Lectures  

Eminent speakers were invited to present their work as part of the Encounters.

Dhiru Thadani – Urban Sensibilities

Manoj Parmar – Contemporary Japanese Architecture

KRVIA Encounters and Guest Lectures  

Snehal Shah – Professional Work

Sheril Castellino, Chintan Desai, Jitu Jain, Nuru Karim – Historical/ Ahistorical