Visual Diary – 2017

KRVIA Completes 25 years

KRVIA took a retrospective gaze and mapped its journey over the past 25 years, tracing the trajectories of architectural education and pedagogical shifts within the school.

KRVIA Exhibition

The studio work of the Urban Design and Conservation – Water Studio was exhibited at the ICCR, Kolkata in collaboration with Ayan Sen Architects

KRVIA Open Competition

As part of the 25-year event of the KRVIA, an open competition titled City and the Water edge was organised, inviting multidisciplinary teams of professionals and students to study the context and propose measures to integrate the selected edge into the life of the city

TU Delft Exchange Workshop

The exchange program workshop with the TU Delft, Netherlands focused on housing delivery systems and typlogical studies in Mumbai and IJburg


KRVIA UBC Exchange Program

The Exchange program between KRVIA and The University of British Columbia, Canada commenced. The program explores urban and environmental issues. The students worked on the Eastern Waterfronts, which is a centrally located, largely vacant, former industrial site that shares similarities to Vancouver’s False Creek.

KRVIA Reflections 2017

KRVIA announced its annual publication “Reflections 2017”. It is an assimilation of ten years of research initiatives at the KRVIA masters program in Urban Conservation & Urban Design.


The ‘Narratives of Learning’ exhibition that traces the concerns and methods of architectural pedagogy at the KRVIA over the past 25 years.