Living in Flux: Landscapes as Transformative Response to Climate Change


The course deals with the holistic understanding of urban landscapes as complex ecological systems which encompass the dynamic relation between resilient ecology and space. The course is designed to provide exposure to the students regarding the latest studies, theory and research outcomes of climate change and socio-ecological resilience for human settlements. The students are encouraged to understand advanced concepts and explore relevant contextual frameworks and approaches for the planning and design of urban landscapes.

Course Objectives

a. To introduce students to the concept of ‘Anthropocene’ as a global epoch.
b. To introduce students to advanced principles, concepts and methods of understanding socio-ecological resilience.
c. To enable students to understand and discern the natural processes in the environment and their implications in the urban design and planning.
d. To demonstrate landscape approaches in the planning, design and management of the greenfield and brownfield sites through the help of socially and environmentally appropriate case studies of projects.

Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to:

a. discern relationships between various ecological systems and their interdependence
b. articulate state of the art concepts of ecology and resilience studies
c. use these concepts to develop their studio projects as well as find a trajectory in their future praxis.
d. understand various modes of urban landscape interventions which are less intrusive than the conventional modes of handling sites.
e. identify threats to urban landscapes due to developmental pressures.
f. appreciate the ideas of sustainability and be able to align their thoughts in line with the UN Sustainable

Course Duration

16 weeks

Course Frequency

The Course is designed for the Final Year Postgraduate Students to be conducted every year once. (Either in Semester 3 or 4 in the Indian Postgraduate system of two years)

Course Format

The course is formatted as an Elective Course including Lectures/ Site Visits and Graded Assignments. Elective via Lectures and Presentations (Recorded and streamed online due to the current Covid Pandemic Crisis)