Milan Shakuniya

Assistant Professor


My academic interests involve Space buildings and functional relativity dealing with aesthetics, context, and rationale approach to a form of space. Material and structural system exploration, Ideas, and fundamentals.


Milan is a post graduate in Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT university, specialized in Land Use planning and urban development. He also holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture (IPSA), Rajkot. Since graduation, the individual has been actively practicing from Ahmedabad as an architect/planning consultant. Milan has keen interest in exploring and implementation of new paradigms in urban planning and building sector. He believes in practical design process and innovative learning. His interests range from architecture to urban development to the field of academics. Other interests comprise in Heritage conservation & Tourism Planning development along with Urban governance & regulatory policies.


1. Taught at CEPT University inspiring many students to for academic excellence. 2. Paper presented and publish at ICFC 2019, IIT Roorkee in “FUTURE CITIES" under the title “Assessing legal regimes and policies employed for conservation of heritage city Ahmedabad”. 3. Worked with team for Master Plan Delhi. 4. Executed architectural and interior projects across the country as Consultant Architect-Planner and as Founder at MN Design Studio in Ahmedabad.