Nemish Shah

Assistant Professor


Architecture, Design, History and Theory.


Architecture, Design, History and Theory.


Nemish has been involved with the KRVIA since 2002 as a faculty, and before that he was associated as a project architect with the first Design Cell Project of the KRIVA, the “Cotton Textile Mill Land Areas of Parel” A Report for the redevelopment of the Mill Land Areas of Bombay, under the Charles Correa Committee. He is also the founder principal, along with his partner, Kumarpal Kothari at KSA Architects and Planners, Mumbai. KSA Architects, established in 2002 is an award winning architecture and design Studio. Nemish, occasionally writes for architecture journals and magazines in India. He has also been invited to lecture and talk about their work in various forums and has also been invited for juries at various colleges in India.
List of Publications: - “State of Architecture” Exhibition, 2016, NGMA, Mumbai. 2 selected Projects by KSA Architects part of the Exhibition and the Book. - Panel Discussion: SOA, Kala Ghoda Festival, 9th February, 2016 - “Drawing to Find out”, nemish-shah/ - “Doubt”, Invited Lecture, MASA, Bangalore, May 2014 - Practices of Consequence, Indian Architect and Builder, October 2013 - Between The Unbuilt, Indian Architects and Builder, Nov 2013 - Architecture + Design, Special Mention, Residence Design, Nov 2013 - Language Conversations, DOMUS India, March 2013 - Context Embedded Processes, DOMUS India, December 2012 Presence in a Landscape, DOMUS India, November 2012 - What Mumbai Needs, Design Today, January 2010 - The Politics of Architecture; SPADE, Vol I, 2008-09 - PUKAR, Mumbai 3rd April, 2004 - - Redevelopment of Central Jail, Bangalore- 2 perspectives. Architecture Time, Space and People, Mumbai, - The Limits of History, an overview of the Evolution of Modern Architecture in India June / July 2003 - Hospital A Public Institution, Theme Article, Oct 2002. - New York Times, Friday, 2.1. 2002 Amid the Ashes, Creativity World Trade Centre - Invited Proposal, Krueck and Sexton Architects. - Architectural Record 12.2000 Futures To Come Crystal Tower. - Archicree, France, 12.2000, Crystal Tower (Krueck and Sexton Architects) - “Punishment and Morality” a study of the evolution of Punishment. Unpublished Thesis Paper, IIT, Chicago, 1999. - “Myth of the Avant-Garde”, Unpublished Research Paper, IIT Chicago, 1998.