Reflections 2023


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Reflections is a space where faculty members of the KRVIA display their work in the written form, based on or revolving around a common thematic. The central theme for 2023 is ‘Histories from Elsewhere’. It is a provocation to identify, think about, imagine, and visit, either physically or through literature, the ‘elsewhere’ – a place, time, a reality, an idea, a thought, a discourse, a memory, a landscape, which is not in the ‘here’ and the ‘now’. Reflections 2023 brings this rich, vast imaginarium of the ‘elsewhere’ to the now, the present, and the here, in the form of a visual-tangible object – the volume…the book. Presided by Manoj Parmar (Director, KRVIA) and curated and edited by the Academic Unit V of the KRVIA, the volume brings together diverse scholarship within a common fold. A must-read for teachers, students, researchers, and general enthusiasts of history, architecture and urbanism.


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