Reflections on Resilience


The Breucom project under the Erasmus+ program funded by the European Union, identified an urgent need for a shift in the education of graduate students in spatial planning and design as well as training of urban professionals from different backgrounds in order to confront upcoming challenges related to climate change impacts on urban informal settlements. From 2019 to 2021, KRVIA has been one of the eight partner institutions/ organizations of the Breucom project, six of which were from India and two from Europe. The primary intent of the project was to build climate resilience capacities of communities. However at KRVIA, this scope was broadened to include all kinds of vulnerabilities in urban communities. Case studies on the above thematics were taken up as part of studios/ electives for the post graduate program at the school. Through this publication, KRVIA presents a compilation of the studios, electives, courses, professional development programs conducted as part of Breucom. It includes articles and essays written by faculty at KRVIA which attempt to understand and analyse the framework of resilience and how it was integrated into various pedagogic initiatives at the school. The essays touch upon both the theoretical and normative aspects of the resilience framework and its application or relevance for urban praxis.

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