Rohan Shivkumar

Dean- B. Arch.


Rohan believes that architecture and the city are the powerful indicators of culture. In them are represented the values system of a society, the aspirations it has for the future, along with its successes and failures. He believes that the academic space is a space to critically examine the role that it plays’ and be able to suggest modes to recalibrating the modes in which it is practiced. He strongly believes that such a critical examination can happen through rigorously reexamining of some of the presumptions that architecture assumes. Multidisciplnary encounters between architecture, visual art, literature, cinema, sociology and other disciplines can create spaces where new and relevant conceptions of the ethical and aesthetic role of architectural practice can emerge.


Rohan teaches Architectural Theory and Design Studio at the KRVIA at different levels in the Masters and the Bachelors courses. He has also headed the Design Cell of the school for many years. He has also conducted many courses and workshops in other institutions. Besides his work as a researcher and an academic in the school, Rohan has an independent practice as an architect, has worked with non governmental and research organizations as an urbanist, and has written extensively on architecture, urbanism and culture. He is also part of many architecture and art collectives like Collective Research Initiatives Trust (CRIT) and Collaborative Design Studio (CODES). Rohan is also a filmmaker, curator and has worked within the visual arts.


Some of the main urban projects Rohan worked on include the Churchgate Revival Project and the Tourist District Project; and other projects with the Design Cell of the KRVIA including ‘City in the times of Ambedkar’, Dharavi Project and the Cess Building Project.
Rohan is the co-editor of an interdisciplinary research and art collaboration- ‘Project Cinema City’.
His writing has also been the recipient of awards including the Architectural Book Award of the DAM (Deutsches Architektur Museum) for Hybrid Modernisms, 2017 and Printed Book of the Year at the Publishing Next Industry Awards for Project Cinema City
He also is the curator of the monthly film programme at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum. His film work include ’Nostalgia for the future’ which won the Best Documentary of the year at the ISDFFK, ‘Lovely Villa’, and ‘Squeeze Lime in Your Eye’.
Rohan is also the recipient of the best teacher award from the Upanagar Shikshan Mandal 2018.