Saurabh Barde

Assistant Professor


Saurabh is a practicing Architect and has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Design form University of Nottingham (UK). He has keen interest in Passive low energy architecture, environmental planning and ecology conservation initiatives. These aspects have been an important feature of his architecture and research assignments. His work focus has been concentrating around the ideas of ecological urbanism as a remedial plan for organizing principle for new neighbourhood in the peri-urban context of Mumbai.


Saurabh intends to convey a knowledge base which is primarily strong on concepts both in technology and design. He has been working with the students of architecture for past 9 years and has been involved in undertaking hands on workshops and research initiatives. His intend has been to initiate process of learnings to enable an inference not only through application of strong methodology but also by accommodating the domain of critical questioning.


• Coordinator and Executive-Editor for a Research initiative for Aga Khan Trust, for Culture, Geneva in Indore Madhya Pradesh India on housing conditions in Formal and Informal Housing sectors. A Book ‘Indore-dialogues in existence’ and Film‐Documentary was published in January 2019.
• Published paper on topic ‘Poetics of civic light in Le Corbusier Assembly building in Chandigarh’ at the Passive Low Energy and Architecture (PLEA) conference held in, Louvain‐la‐Neuve, Belgium (July 2011). The paper was selected for poster presentation at the conference.
• Paper under topic “Sustainable Communities” selected for oral presentation published in Passive Low Energy and Architecture (PLEA) 2012 conference. The conference was held in Lima, Peru in November 2012. The Paper was shortlisted in the Best Paper in “Community and Sustenance” Category.
• An article on Chawls of Mumbai published in Rachana Sansad’s quarterly magazine in January 2012.
• Paper under topic “Buildings without electricity in early development of Mumbai City- A case study on Asiatic library building the town hall of Mumbai” is published in Passive Low Energy and Architecture (PLEA) 2014 conference. The conference was held in Ahemdabad, India in December 2014. The Paper was selected for Best Paper “Oral Presentation” Category
• Awarded the Developing Solutions Scholarship at University of Nottingham (UK) for the Masters in Environmental Design 2008-2009.