Shantanu Khandkar

Assistant Professor


Since graduating with a masters degree in Urban Design, I have tried to expand my knowledge to incorporate learnings from other allied disciplines such as urban conservation, planning, and also transportation planning and economics. I have also been involved in independent research on urban issues and their underlying causes.


In the field of academics, I have taught students from first to final year, in various subjects from basic design to final year thesis. In my opinion, my role as a teacher is not to impose my views onto the student but to teach the student how to internalize the vast amount of information that they may be exposed to, separate the chaff and use it to shape their own views.


As a researcher, my paper entitled "Beyond Shelter: The Urban House as an Entrepreneurial Resource" won the best paper award at the 10 IFoU Conference. The paper also won the Reed and Mallik Medal at the ICE Publications Awards held in October 2020 in London.