Technology Studio

Sem 3

Learning through building

This course takes forward the elementary learning of the various construction systems and the principles they are based on and aims to establish a foundation to technological and constructional sequences. The objective is to put the focus on the relation of form, materials and the various forces in structure as well as on the corresponding processes that integrate these parameters in the realization of a holistic design idea. The course will explore the understanding of forms, spans and other structural challenges investigating the structural principles that are inherent to them. The optimum and efficient use of materials coupled with responding to the nuances of climate and context will bring about an enhanced learning that posits an ethical, constructional and technological terra firma.

The studio should expose students to various architectural systems that are key to responsible architectural interventions. It will also help students build architectural vocabulary through acts of detailing and form developments.

Part-1: A process that begins with a systematic de-layering of parts or systems of the building. 
•       Walls and Skins
•       Slabs and floors
•       Internal partitions
•       Roofs
•       Plinths / Rafts ?
•       Movements Vertical and Horizontal
•       Any other

Part-2: A semester long activity that will synchronize and coincide with topics that cover architectural building systems and detailing