Technology Studio

Sem 4

Community Wellness and Comfort Station

While we think about the way our surroundings are structured at a time when we are in the peak of pandemic it becomes critical to understand and respond to some of the most basic needs of our neighbourhoods. Most cities in India have started their normal routines, while some continue in a state of restricted movement. Mumbai in particular remains in a state of caution. How do we imagine our neighbourhoods, and our building complexes, become better places is one of the critical questions that many are asking.

The pandemic has shown the need for wellness infrastructure in our cities. Wellness is an idea that goes beyond health, including within its ambit the idea of the efforts taken to achieve good health. In this sense it is more of a process than a goal. Thus, the community wellness and comfort station shall attempt to address not only the immediate infrastructural need for access to sanitation and healthcare, but also act as much needed rallying points for community mobilization for future public health challenges.
In the course of the design process, students shall come across and thus learn to address myriad problems, including those of efficient use of limited resources, inequities in access to facilities and the
stigma attached to discussing wellness issues.

As a part of the Integrated Design Studio this semester the students will design a 150 sqm built up Community Wellness and Comfort Station along with sanitation spaces and community areas.

Studio faculty :
Ankush Chandran
Sanaeya Vandrewala
Rutika Parulkar
Shantanu Khandkar
Neeraj Vakharia
Shirish Joshi
Mamta Patwardhan
Neha Parulekar
Ashwini Gawli (Teaching Assistant)