Studio Spaces

AD: Sem 3

Domesticity is a scale.

Independent of typology, purpose and use, it is a space of belonging. The place to which we belong, the one we inhabit – it is that which gives us a sense of identity and of who we are or who we will be, and who we want to be in this world.
Much of our ability to understand the world comes from this It is within this insight that the Sem III Studio is situated.

In Part one of the studio, students studied and analyzed various projects (mostly iconic houses) so as to understand the underlying concepts and ideas of placemaking, and architectural grammar and syntax.
In the second part, the student was supposed to design an experiential living environment. For this, the student was provided a Verb / Noun List (modified from the original List by Richard Serra) – using which the students performed formal experiments and metaphorical site studies. Both of these exercises came together when the student identified a user / group of users on their chosen site. A program for the living environment emerged from their study and the student was to Design a place for the user(s) to live, using the formal experiments conducted in the earlier exercise.

Faculty: Nemish Shah, Rohan Chavan,
Nishant Mehta, Shreya Nagrath, Rutika Parulkar, Milan Shakuniya, Aditya Potnis, Ajay Sonar
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