Studio Spaces

AD: Sem 6

Democracy needs deep roots

The focus of this year’s Architectural Design project is local governance for smaller urban centres. A focus on smaller centres is crucial in broad-basing urban growth beyond metropolitan centres. The project takes the Indian government’s Smart City programme as an opportunity to rethink spaces of civic governance in our cities. These buildings perform vital governance functions such as supply, maintenance, and regulation of services, building permissions and regulation, public health administration etc. The people who perform these duties work in high stress environments and the buildings must address their needs and inspire them in full measure.

The project aims at framing the site as an urban condition. A pair of students must jointly frame the overall arc of the project in terms of its response to the city (as an introduction to urban design challenges in semester 7) their reading of the program and fulfilling these two aspects as a common site plan. The site design strategies will include aspects such as, response to the city (connectivity, environment, visibility, etc.) and the public realm. This exercise will also include a common public program that emerges from existing site conditions. The team must also set a vision for their individual architectural interventions that will emerge as a response to one another within the context of the site plan and then the city.


Faculty team: Rohan Shivkumar, Vandana Ranjitsinh, Shilpa Gore Shah. Jude D’Souza, Sandeep Menon, Avneesh Tiwari, Vishal Jayan & Apurva Parikh.
Teaching Assistant: Aarti Nambissan