Urban Dialogue 2022

Tapas Mitra

Dr. Tapas Mitra, an architect and urbanist is presently an Associate Professor in Urban Design at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India, who has held the positions of Head of Architecture and Urban Design at the institute.  His research interest focuses at the intersections of architecture, urban Design and Urban Planning. He has presented his research on the inner core of Indian cities, specifically Kolkata, at prestigious international conferences (CNU, RSA, ISOCARP, to name a few). Dr. Mitra is also an artist and has been featured multiple times on the international site of the Urban Sketchers and other online platforms. He has also been an international faculty at the world symposium of Urban Sketchers in Chicago, 2017. He has written about various aspects of the urban and brings his knowledge of art and urbanism in his talks and writings.