Core Faculty

KRVIA has a multi-disciplinary team of faculty with a wide range of interests and specialisations, both in Research and in Practice.


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Visiting Faculty

The Visiting Faculty at KRVIA consist of accomplished practitioners, researchers as well as academics with professional experiences in various contexts and geographies, spanning the globe. 


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Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators  maintain quality and consistency in the courses. Program Coordinators schedule regular meetings with faculty and provide resources to support teaching and learning in the courses they coordinate.


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Administrative Unit

The Admin Unit is responsible for the institutional, financial and structural administration of KRVIA. 

The Admin Unit enables other Academic Units.


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Academic Unit 1

Academic Unit 1 engages with the pedagogy at KRVIA, its academic planning and upgradation. 

The Design Cell at KRVIA and various exchange programs fall under the purview of AU1.


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Academic Unit 2

Academic Unit administers the courses that run at KRVIA. This includes the development of a 5+2 year academic arc, time-tabling and scheduling, examinations, student mentorships as well as keeping up with institutional accreditation policies. 


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Academic Unit 3

Academic Unit 3 is responsible for the dissemination of academic content and information produced by stakeholders of the institute.


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Academic Unit 4

Academic Unit 4 is responsible for the maintenance and upgradation of KRVIA infrastructure- physical, digital and intellectual.

The cataloguing, archiving and dissemination of knowledge through the Publication Cell and the KRVIA Library is overseen by AU4.


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Academic Unit 5

Academic Unit 5 oversees the coordination of various research programs at KRVIA, through the KRVIA Fellowship, Design Cell. It also keeps an editorial check on disseminated intellectual property.  


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The KRVIA has a multi-disciplinary faculty body, with a wide range of academic interests. Interactive learning has been at the core of the KRVIA philosophy from the very inception of the school. 

Academic Council

The KRVIA academic council is represented by professionals from academic, practice and research backgrounds. The Academic council meets on regular basis to discuss academics.